How can I search for responsible courts or authorities?

Please click on the button "Search". Following input mask will appear.

You can either use the postcode field or the district field. Click "continue" to confirm your entry. You should see now a selection box. Select one or more entries. If your entry does not deliver results try searching with the first 3 digits of the zip code.

After you have chosen one or more districts click on the blue bars to switch between the district courts, county courts, finance offices and social welfare offices.
How can I place an advertisement?

If you are a lawyer, notary, tax accountant, bookkeeper or similar and you want to place an advertisement you have to be registered once. Click on the button of the page "REGISTER" or on the link.

As an indication we need your user name (your choice) with at least 3 characters and a password (your choice) with at least 6 characters and a valid email address.

Once you have been registered select first an area where you want to place an advertisement. Then you can click on ADVERTISE HERE or Search. To place the advertisement with the search mode click on “Register now”. You will be asked to login with your user name and password. Being logged in successfully you will be forwarded to the entry mask.

All fields with a “*” are mandatory. Your input can be displayed with the button “preview” and saved with the button “save”. Please do not forget to fill in the time of your contract duration! You will get a discount for placing advertisements for longer periods of time.
How can I change my advertisement?

For editing you advertisement please login. A new menu item will appear called “configuration”. Click on “configuration” and you see all your running advertisements. Click on “view” and you can display an advertisement, click on “edit” and you can change your advertisement.
Is it possible to use images with a different resolution than 135px * 180px for my advertisement?

You can also use images with other resolutions for your advertisement. However, the image will be expended if the aspect ratio is not in the format of 3:4. If the resolution is lower than 135px * 180px the picture can be a bit grainy. Please note that only an image size up to 200 kb is allowed.
What can I do if my picture is not accepted?

Only .jpg, .gif or .png files are accepted. In case your image format is different please convert it with your image editing program. Please note that the image size is limited to 200kb. In this case reduce the resolution to reduce the file size. If your picture is still not accepted it may be that the name of the image file does not comply with usual conventions. Therefore it is necessary to rename the image file. In file names use only letters or figures.